Short Breaks

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I’m enjoying this brief break between rehearsals and enjoying getting home at a decent hour everyday! That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them. The last cast and crew I worked with were fantastic people and I enjoyed every minute of the whole experience.

So whats in the pipelines? More auditions, rehearsals and workshops popping up all over the place. Here’s hoping that my head will stay above the water! Much as I enjoy everything, sometimes it can feel like I’m about to drown. Oh! And its great that I actually have time to practice now! lol… Pity my neighbours though… I don’t think I’m quite that soft. Heh!

I’m still going through decision phase in my life. I know what I want to do with my life. Now its a question of making it a viable option. I know it is never easy when you start out. But how hard does it have to get before you know that you made the wrong decision? Is there a point where it is too late to turn back?

I’m just too busy!

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Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of entries. Can you tell that I’ve been INSANELY busy? Well, yes, thats my life of late. I’ve been RUNNING to classes and rehearsals. Can barely stop to take a breath. Can you imagine working, running to dance, then straight to rehearsal? And no, its not a Friday OR a weekend!

I’m really having a blast doing shows. But I do wish that this process would be a lot less trying. Although I guess that the training will serve me well when I can get to school… whenever that happens… 9-6 training will not faze me in the slightest! In fact, that may be easy to handle. lol…

With my lousy memory comes my biggest headaches… learning lines. I don’t find it hard to remember songs. That makes musicals easy cos there are less lines and more songs. But plays! Goodness… a whole new ballgame. And not to mention the fact that I barely have time to even sit down to learn them! lol…

I’m finding myself through all this. I find that I’m getting more intuitive and I’m getting rid of a lot of baseless insecurities and thoughts. Out comes a more confident person. I find that that added confidence shows up in everything I do. It isn’t merely a show type of confidence. Its the type of confidence that comes from inside and its a VERY satisfying feeling!

More Auditions

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Hey guys,

Can you tell that I’ve just been too busy to blog? lol… Can you believe it?? I’ve never been so busy in my life, but then again, I’ve never been this happy either. I guess it comes from knowing that you’re getting somewhere. And building up that self confidence in yourself. Trust me… for this gal here, that is a supremely hard thing to do!

I’m happy cos I finally am making inroads into the very thing that I want to do. And yet, juggling a job with rehearsals and training is completely INSANE. No wait… its more than insane. I can’t even find the words to describe it. In short… I’m exhausted. Tell me, who wouldn’t be? Its like working 3 different jobs all at the same time. Every one of them, full time. I work from 9-6, run to class or rehearsal, run home to practice and learn lines… man… what happened to social life?

Anyway… 1 more audition tonight… I don’t know what to expect, but I am rushing down from work… so… what warmup? lol… I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the competition has the same problem! If everyone sucks, then I’m ok right? *cheeky grin* But seriously… who conducts auditions on a Monday night?!

Well more on that once its over!



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Hi guys,

Crazy times here at the office has caused the blog to come to a screeching halt. Needless to say, I have hardly gone for class nor practiced anything! It was almost therapeutic to go for tap yesterday where the only worry I had was whether I could do a front step shuffle ball change, turn and repeat, fast enough! Well, I hope crazy times are over and will not come back for a while cos I have so much I have to do!

For starters, I have TWO auditions next week that I have barely started preparing for, so needless to say this weekend is pretty much burnt. Then exams are coming up, and I have barely done any work on that either. Yes, its time to play catchup and I’m not exactly looking forward to that. This poor body cannot handle anymore stress at this time or it will just break down.

It is difficult juggling a job and MT all at the same time. Training is intensive and working is intensive too. Sometimes you don’t know what to do first! The job pays the bills for now, but MT is what I wanna go into. It can get so confusing. I can’t wait for the day where I become good enough to just do MT full time! Wouldn’t that just be a dream. But its a really long road to travel down.

Well, thats it for now. Just a short update to let you guys know i’m still here!


Exam Boards

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Hi guys,

Anyone know anything about exam boards? Is LCM or LAMDA more difficult to do? I’ve only ever taken musical theatre exams under LCM, hence I have no idea about LAMDA. In fact, I think the LAMDA musical theatre exams are brand new, they just started it like this yr or something! Practically speaking, the LAMDA syllabus sounds more “do-able”. They don’t require you to do stuff from like weird periods! lol…

Anyway, are exams really worth taking? I guess they are sorta like mock auditions, with the benefits of getting critiqued along with it. But are they really worth the time and effort that goes into preparing for it? I took all my piano and violin exams faithfully. Heck, I even took ballet exams. lol… But this? I don’t know. Maybe its the whole “I’m tired of exams” thing kicking in.

Right now, I’m itching to perform in something… preferably not a church production… but something. Anything. I’m just dying to get out there. lol… Its been a long time since I’ve been on stage. Ok granted, I’ve been singing on stage and then there’s the dance recitals, but hey, thats it! I wanna do theatre man. lol…

Oh well, thats life. Relieved that I can get off work today on time to make it to tap. Its insane trying to balance working and training. I’m coping… I think… Honestly, dance gives me the stamina and energy to work. NOT a good idea to make me drop that. And it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. That and just being able to sing. 🙂

Time to go now… Today I shall leave you with a YouTube video of a song that I really love.


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Hi guys,

When it comes to a job, how do let people know your priorities? Especially if its not your job? I don’t mean that you don’t give 100% while you’re at work. You give your all when you are at work. However, you have other more important priorities that take place after working hours. To begin with, I think the whole culture of working overtime is ridiculous to begin with. There is a reason why there are designated working hours. You should be free to have your own personal time after that! Why should a job overtake your life? Its just a job!

As you can tell, I’m in a bit of a confused and rather pissed state at the moment. MT is definately my piority and I need a job that can support that. Its not like I’m thinking about MT the entire day and not focusing on my job. But when I do need to leave, PLEASE quit making me feel bad about it cos I cannot handle it. It almost feels like emotional blackmail.

On top of that, my body cannot take long desk bound hours. I’ve tried, but I can’t. My body tends to break down. I cannot sit at my desk and work for hours on end. My brain just shuts down after a certain time and my work turns to rubbish. Besides, I believe that if work cannot get done during regular working hours, either your company is biting off more than they can chew, or they just are trying to save money by not hiring another person. Which is terrible for staff morale.

In short, I live for MT training. That is what gets me through the day. I’m efficient cos I have a target to finish my work and get outta of the office to perform and train. I’m happy that way and life is bliss. I need to find a job that can respect that. This is obviously not it.

Work-Life-Training, whats a gal to do?

Work-Life-Training, whats a gal to do?

Funding your training

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Hi guys,

Any of you out there face the same problems as me when it comes to funding? I don’t mind keeping a full time job. However, when my ultimate goal is to go into MT, I need a job that will not intrude into my training. I can work the regular hours, however, I need my after work hours to train. Problem is, I can’t tell an employer the exact reason WHY work-life balance means so much to me. *frustrated* And when you get one that tells you to give up your social life, it simply means that its time to move on.

I guess its all about piorities. Unlike most people in here, my focus isn’t on moving up the corporate ladder. I just need funding now. While I’m training. So that in 2yrs, I can go study and switch careers. That is my focus at the moment. I will put everything else on the line so that I can focus on that. However, I need a decent job so that I can fund my training. Hence the problem.

So yes, its time to look for a new job. AGAIN. And I thought I was settling down fine. I delayed this decision for as long as I could. However, things are just getting worse. And I forsee that I’m gonna have to either pick this job or training. And for me, training takes piority. Sad but true. And I will not deny that its having training to look forward to at the end of the day that makes me a better worker. Take that away and I have nothing to live for. You will see my working standard drop day by day.

I NEED a solution to this an FAST. Right now I feel like a drowning whale. Need to get myself outta this sticky situation desperately. Before training suffers. And there is no time to loose!